Cinnabar Mineral


Cinnabar mineral – mercury ore

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Cinnabar mineral for sale – mercury ore is a mineral containing toxic mercury sulfide and a chemical composition of HgS.  This is the only essential ore of mercury.

Chemical Formula: HgS.
Composition: Mercury sulfide
Color: Bright red, violet-red, scarlet-red, brownish-red, and dark metallic-red
Crystal System: Hexagonal
Luster: Adamantine, submetallic, dull
Striking Features: Color, heaviness, and low hardness.
Rock Type: Igneous, Metamorphic

Due to its bright red color people uses it as a pigment and carve it into jewelry and ornaments in ancient times in many parts of the world.

Composition Of Cinnabar

Cinnabar is a hydrothermal mineral that precipitates from ascending hot waters and vapours as they move through fractured rocks. It forms at shallow depths where temperatures are less than about 200 degrees Celsius. It usually forms in rocks surrounding geologically recent volcanic activity but can also form near hot springs and fumaroles. Buy Cinnabar Online.

Cinnabar precipitates as coatings on rock surfaces and as fracture fillings. These can include pyrite, marcasite, realgar, and stibnite. Gangue minerals associated with cinnabar include quartz, dolomite, calcite, and barite. Small droplets of liquid mercury are sometimes present on or near cinnabar.

Cinnabar Uses Of Mercury

Mercury is currently used in some batteries and light bulbs, but their disposal is often regulated. It was once widely used to protect seed corn from fungus and to deworm materials used to make felt. They are used in dental amalgam but is being replaced by polymer resins and other materials. In almost all of its use, mercury is being replaced with less toxic and nontoxic substitutes.

Mercury has been widely used in mining to separate gold and silver from ores and stream sediments.

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